Jung Pumpen MultiStream

Jung Pumpen MultiStream Pumps with adjustible single-channel impeller

MultiStream-pumps are suitable for handling effluent or sewage in municipal and industrial pumping stations as well as in surface water drainage applications. The smaller types are also used very successfully as portable units to deal with emergency situations.

The sewage pumps UAK are suitable for handling water without faeces. In hazardous locations or in case the pumps are connected to the public sewerage we recommend our explosionproof sewage pumps UFK.

Recommended for:
  • effluent which contains fibrous matter
  • mixed water
  • effluent which contains solids
  • rainwater
  • raw effluent
  • raw sludge

The US 75 - 155 series submersible drainage pumps are used for all applications where particularly dirty wastewater with large particle sizes of up to 50 mm need to be pumped. These pumps, with a free passage of 50 mm, pump solids and fibres quickly, reliably and, most importantly, without blockages!