Edwards Series Rotary Gear Pump

Model 20, 80, 150, 160, 300, 400

Edwards Series Model 150 Rotary Gear Pump

The Edwards Series Pump is a positive-displacement pump built specifically to address the demanding requirements of foam concentrate and water mist stationary and mobile fire protection systems.

  • UL Listed/FM Approved or non-listed pumps for fire-fighting applications
  • Electric, diesel engine, or water turbine drive
  • Handle a wide variety of foam concentrates
  • Bronze construction
  • Robust shaft material and construction
  • Non-contacting rotors allow pump to run dry
  • Replaceable casing liners
  • Self-priming
Flow Range: 80-180 GPM
Discharge Pressure: 0-200 PSI
Continuous Max RPM: 1200
Intermittent Max RPM: 2200
Ports: 2" x 2" NPT (female)